Peer reviewed publications in 2018

  1. Christian Gösweiner, Perttu Lantto, Roland Fischer, Carina Sampl, Evrim Umut, Per-Olof Westlund, Danuta Kruk, Markus Bödenler, Stefan Spirk, Andreas Petrovic and Hermann Scharfetter:

    "Tuning nuclear quadrupole spin resonance – an essential step towards a novel approach for selective MRI contrast enhancement” in Physical Review X, 2018, 8, 021076.



  2. Danuta Kruk, Evrim Umut, Ella Masiewicz, Carina Sampl, Roland Fischer, Stefan Spirk, Christian Gösweiner, Hermann Scharfetter:

    "209Bi Quadrupole Relaxation Enhancement in Solids as a Step Towards New Contrast Mechanisms in Magnetic Resonance Imaging” in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018, 20, 12710-12718.




  3. Michael Weißl, Katrin Niegelhell, David Reishofer, Armin Zankel, Josef Innerlohinger, Stefan Spirk:

    "Homogeneous Cellulose Thin Films from Cellulose Xanthate: Characterization and Properties" in Cellulose, 2018, 25, 711-721.




  4. Katrin Niegelhell, Angela Chemelli, Josefine Hobisch, Thomas Griesser, Heidemarie Reiter, Ulrich Hrin, Stefan Spirk:
    "Interaction of industrially relevant cationic starches on cellulose thin films" in Carbohydrate Polymers, 2018, 179, 290-296.


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