Peer reviewed publications in 2013

  1. T. Mohan*, T. Ristic, R. Kargl, A.Doliska, S. Köstler, V. Ribitsch, J. Marn, S. Spirk*, K. Stana-Kleinschek*:
    "Cationically rendered biopolymer surfaces for high protein affinity support matrices." in Chem. Comm., 2013, 49, 11530-11532.



  2. Ehmann, Heike; Spirk, Stefan*; Doliška, Aleš; Mohan, Tamilselvan; Gössler, Walter; Ribitsch, Volker; Sfiligoj-Smole, Majda; Stana-Kleinschek, Karin:
    "Generalized indirect Fourier transformation (GIFT) as a valuable tool for the structural characterization of nanocrystalline cellulose by small angle X-ray scattering" in Langmuir, 2013, 29, 3740-3748.



  3. Mohan, Tamilselvan; Zarth, Cintia; Doliska, Ales; Kargl, Rupert; Grießer, Thomas; Spirk, Stefan*; Heinze, Thomas; Stana-Kleinschek, Karin:
    "Interactions of a cationic cellulose derivative with an ultrathin cellulose support" in Carbohydr. Polym., 2013, 92, 1046-1053.



  4. Kargl, Rupert, Mohan, Tamilselvan; Köstler, Stefan; Spirk, Stefan; Doliska, Ales; Stana-Kleinschek, Karin; Ribitsch, Volker:
    "Functional patterning of biopolymer thin films using enzymes and lithographic methods" in Adv. Funct. Mat., 2013, 23, 308-315.



  5. Breitwieser, Doris; Spirk, Stefan*; Fasl, Hubert; Chemelli, Angela; Reichel, Victoria E.; Kulterer, Martin R.; Gspan, Christian; Stana-Kleinschek, Karin; Ribitsch, Volker:
    "Design of simultaneous antimicrobial and anticoagulant surfaces based on nanoparticles and polysaccharides" in J. Mat. Chem. B., 2013, 1, 2220-2230.



  6. Spirk, Stefan*; Findenig, Gerald; Doliska, Ales; Reichel, Victoria E.; Swanson, Nicole L.; Kargl, Rupert; Ribitsch, Volker; Stana-Kleinschek, Karin:
    "Chitosan-Silane Sol-Gel Hybrid Thin Films with controllable Layer Thickness and Morphology" in Carbohydr. Polym., 2013, 93, 285-290.



  7. Breitwieser, Doris; Moghaddam, Mojtaba Mirhosseini; Spirk, Stefan*; Baghbanzadeh, Mostafa; Pivec, Tanja; Fasl, Hubert; Ribitsch, Volker; Kappe, Oliver C.:
    "In-Situ Preparation and Characterization of Silver Nanocomposites on Cellulosic Fibers - Microwave vs. Conventional Heating" in Carbohydr. Polym., 2013, 94, 677-686.



  8. Hurkes, N.; Spirk, S.; Belaj, F.; Pietschnig, R.:
    "At the Edge of Stability – Preparation of Methyl-substituted Arylsilanetriols and Investigation of their Condensation Behavior." in Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem., 2013, 639, 2631-2636.



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